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Paul Dempsey

'His vocals are so exquisitely relaxed and honest that his stories shine through brilliantly' **** JMag 'Everything is True is brimming with beauty and intelligence' **** The Mag 'Refined acoustic pop from one of our leading craftsmen' **** The West Australian 'Dempsey is a gifted observer of the human condition..a truly beautiful collecti...read more

The Hi-Fi Live

Paul Dempsey April 16th, 2010

Paul Dempsey
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"When Paul Dempsey finally enters view, he does so incredibly coolly, and without assumption. His gait is a rather strikingly regal amble which oozes its surreal punctuation right from his wild-slicked hair, down to his to bare feet. No lights particularly herald his entrance, and, as he’s often done even with Something For Kate, he begins his set alone, and atop a stool. The man has stage presence like a hot whisper in your ear. He begins with the intimate pluckings of ‘Out Of The Airlock’, and everyone’s heart flutters a sanguine flush to their face. There’s a nervousness to him too that’s at once as hotly electrifying in its humanity as it is distancing. It’s this loggerhead electricity that translates into pure, mallet-hitting-a-bell perfection in his performances. Joined next by stalwart bandmates Hedigan, Bourke, and Noga, the quartet lunge into the larger part of Paul’s new solo material. ‘Bats’ and its gloriously average angels crashes wildly into a guitar-flinging ‘Great Optimist’, leaving ‘Have You Fallen Out Of Love’ to end the first act with a solo from Paul so blistering the air in front of the stage literally ripples. Playing perhaps to his age-range – who are in full-force tonight, be not mistaken – Dempsey and band then launch into a caucus-caterwauling cover of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Miss You’. Soon after, the backing band leaves, and, like the ghosts of SFK descending the stage, the lights lower, and the crowd’s treated to some old classics. Rounding out the evening then are tracks like the beautifully sacred ‘Man Of The Moment’, ‘Ramona Was A Waitress’ – receiving the biggest response, surprisingly; translating incredibly well live – and finally the reflectively sombre ‘Safety In Numbers’. All in all, a fantastic concert from a man whose talents just won’t shut up."

-Time Off Magazine: Live Review, The Hi-Fi Brisbane, 16/4/10

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