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Ghostboy With Golden Virtues

GBGV’s pants-off-punk-kabaret-músik is not for the faint hearted. These underground creatures seduce audiences direct into a world of Berlin-style rock 'n' roll debauchery. Comparisons have been made to Nick Cave, Iggy Pop, John Cooper Clarke, The Tiger Lillies, Hedwig & the Angry Inch, and Michelangelo & the Black Sea Gentlemen. "Their attit...read more

The Hi-Fi Live

Ghostboy With Golden Virtues February 27th, 2010

Ghostboy With Golden Virtues
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The Hi-Fi Live: What is the band’s opinion of what are the golden virtues a ghostboy should have?
Skye: Chimp butlers serving oysters and champagne 24/7.
Hannah: Pateince & dyslexia
Robbie: Sexy waitresses serving sugar cubes and absinthe.
Ghostboy: Desire is a virtue / sudden fires won't hurt you x

The Hi-Fi Live: GBGV have a real stage presence and sense of theatre and performance imagery in your music – who are some of your influences in regards to these elements?
Skye: Peaches, Iggy Pop, Tori Amos, the Pogues, Champagne…
Ghostboy: Live shows by performance artists such as Taylor Mac & Maiden Speech, music acts such as Nick Cave and Mikelangelo & the Black Sea Gentlemen; my grandfather's mythology, the surrealists, Stephen King's early novels, films such as The Hunger...but the great dame Bowie lies underneath it all for me - reading as a younger lady boy about the Diamond Dogs tour and his will to go "grand" regardless of his status or finances fired synapses, indeed. Dreaming small is over-rated.

The Hi-Fi Live Five

1. What is your essential tour item?
Skye: In all seriousness, myself. I do get lost. A lot. My nickname is ‘The Homing Pidgeon’.
Ghostboy: A van driver who checks that there is petrol before the opening night show. Kebabs that don't talk back.
Dan: a) Drumkit (b) Loren to go shopping with!!

2. What’s your essential album to take on the road?
Ghostboy: David Bowie - Lodger (just for Move On alone); The Best of Billy Joel - yes, Billy Joel. yes, both discs:)
Paul: Classical Music for Swingers
Robbie: Hmmm… That’s a hard one. Probably ‘Trespass’ by Genesis (1970). It has this strange dark baroque/gothic atmosphere about it. A unique blend of power and beauty. Peter Gabriel’s vocals and flute playing are truly outstanding. An amazing album for anyone who’s never heard it. Also anything from early Pink Floyd or Bowie.

3. What is next for you?
Skye: Pasta & Europe. Post-pasta and pre-Europe, a fabulous album launch at The Hi-Fi!!
Ghostboy: We are throwing everything & everyone at this launch show - special guests, new stage set-up & song arrangements..after that, more local gigs & supports, launches in Melbourne & Sydney, making the video for second single Love Me, writing more tracks for our full 2 night cabaret show "Enter & Exit" ...and doing what needs to be done with love.

4. What are your favourite acts to see live?
Hannah: Leonard Cohen, Fleet Foxes, and Disconap (Brisbane)
Paul: Guided by Voices,Rickie Lee Jones,Tom Waits
Dan: Yo La Tengo, The Dirty Three, Sonic Youth, Fugazi

5. If you were a member of the Muppets what member would you be?
Ghostboy: Uncle Deadly
Skye: The Swedish Chef
Hannah: Rowlf
Robbie: Kermit the Frog, ha ha ha ha!
Dan: Scooter
Paul: Oscar the Grouch
Loren: Miss Piggy (our tap dancer - character assigned by band in her absence)

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