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"Too many years of absorbing the harsh Queensland sun has made David's brain ripe for generating music of all kinds - some good, some bad. Playing gigs with his bands Custard and then David McCormack And The Polaroids throughout Australia's heartland has given him a thorough knowledge of jukeboxes, counter meals and the laws of beer shouting. David...read more

The Hi-Fi Live

David McCormack December 26th, 2009

David McCormack
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The Hi-Fi catch up with one of Australia’s finest tunesmith’s and all round top bloke David McCormack to discuss an enjoyable myriad of topics including his great new critically acclaimed album ‘Little Murders’.

The Hi-Fi: Congratulations on your great new album ‘Little Murders’. Both punters and critics love it (Rolling Stone 5/5 stars review). Tell us about how it all came together.

David : I put quite a lot of effort into it so I’m glad people are enjoying it and it’s received some kind reviews. It’s quite a long album..it’s about 60 minutes long, 20 songs so hopefully there is a song or two on it that people like. I think of it as a double album- I split it up into 4 groups of 5 songs as I was hoping to do a vinyl gatefold edition which I’ll probably bring out in the new year. It’s been fun because a lot of the times in my life when I’ve released music I’ve been worried about who was going to play it and who is going to like it but now that I’m a bit older I’ve pretty much just put out an album that’s long and indulgent and I like it and I’m really chuffed that other people seem to like it too. It was fun to make as there is a lot of different styles and different musicians playing bits and pieces on the album. If someone could play the oboe I’d quickly write a song where they could play the oboe so the studio sort of became a fun clubhouse.

The Hi-Fi: One of my favourite songs on the album is the beautifully smoooooth jazz latin feel track ’Living under the flight path with you’. What has been your most memorable flight experience on tour?

David: My most memorable flights are the one I sleep through and enjoy as even though I don’t remember them I enjoy the sleeping on the plane part. So my most memorable flight experiences are the one’s I don’t remember!

The Hi-Fi: The Hi-Fi sees you as a Queensland cultural beacon/icon figure and you’ve just played a gig with your old band Custard and your old cohorts Powderfinger celebrating Queensland’s 150th Birthday. What’s your favourite Queensland related/themed song you’ve written and your favourite Queeenland related/themed song from another songwriter?

David: Basically there is about a dozen Go Betweens songs that really sum up the sound of Queensland and Brisbane in particular. I noticed for the 1st time during the Q 150th show with Powderfinger last week how many songs I have where I mention brisbane suburbs…but my favourite one of my would be a Custard song ‘The New Matthew’ as even though it doesn’t mention a Brisbane place in it I remember exactly where I was when I wrote it – Musgrave Road in Redhill , living with my brother Dylan and for some reason that doesn’t make a lot of sense but for me it really sums up Brisbane and my time in Brisbane in that song.

The Hi-Fi: I was introduced to your music by the late great Paul Hester. What new music have you been introduced to by a mate that you are a fan of at the moment?

David: Paul was always a great supporter of ours and we were so happy be invited to play at Crowded House’s last gig at the opera house with all those people and that great sense of occasion felt really special. 200,000 people..i could do that every night!..No worries! Music I’ve been introduced to…I was introduced by my friend Trevor to a band that’s been around for a while called The Silver Jews that we’re under my radar and I’m now a fan. Most of the time when people recommend music to listen to it can be crap but it’s great when you discover something you really enjoy.

The Hi-Fi Live Five:

1. What is your essential tour item?
David: Toiletries bag – can’t have stuff like toothbrushes and anti-perspirant flying around the bag everywhere..it’s has to be to together in the one specific bag

2. What’s your essential album to take on the road?
David: Jonathon Richmond’s ‘Jonathon Goes Country’ - the songs are great , the playing is great and if you’re driving it’s what you want to be listening to..bloody great album.

3. What is next for you?
David: Well it’s taken 5 years to record this album so 2010 I’m going to put out another album. It’s going to be short and simple but I’m not going to wait another 5 years to put out another album.

4. What are your favourite acts to see live?
David: Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side which I must disclose that my brother plays guitar in this band and they are opening for us at The Hi-Fi Brisbane on the 26th but they are the best live act going around… Every time I watch them I can’t believe they’re not world famous.

5. If you were a member of the Muppets what member would you be?
David: Kermit….no explanation needed.

The Hi-Fi: Thanks David, Thank you Queensland, Thank you Kermit.

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