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For over a decade BODYJAR have experienced the complete gamut of rock … from playing to 3 people at the humble Tote Hotel, Collingwood to playing in front of 45,000 punters in Korea and selling out shows in Japan. They’ve been in the Who Weekly crossword, been referenced on "Neighbours", ignored by "Home And Away", and seemingly less importantl...read more

The Hi-Fi Live

Bodyjar November 21st, 2009

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As part of The Hi-Fi Live Official Bootleg Series we have recorded and we will release material from this show at The Hi-Fi. With the godfathers of the Australian Punk family on a final victory lap this is an important live document from an internationally beloved act and a collector's item in years to come - with limited units available it is a must have!!


Repent sad sinners ! Repent !! ... But fear not ... your last chance for a final redemption is at hand. This ain’t just another Farnsey-style farewell tour. This is it ! … for real !! The final … the ultimate … the one & only … the mother-freakin last !

The mighty BODYJAR are calling it a day for real.

Melbourne’s own punk-rock reprobates ... not quite a force of nature, but close enough, have decided to dis-band.

So why quit now?

Front man Cam dissects the situation, "It’s been amazing. We've done so much stuff as a band … way more than we ever thought we would. As far as we’re concerned the last studio album Bodyjar made, our self-titled album, was the best of our career. It might not have sold the most copies, but it was brutally honest and it covered a lot of territory, musically and emotionally. It just feels like a good time to put a full-stop on it all. We wanna go out on our own terms. What better way to finish up than with a national tour where we crank out some old tunes one last time and say thanks to all the folks who have supported us over the years."

You don’t last long in the fickle Australian music industry without killer songs and great live performances ...and BODYJAR have consistently delivered the goods on pallets throughout their career… ‘One in a Million’, ‘Lights Out’, ‘Not the Same’, ‘Glossy Books’, ‘Fall to the Ground ’ etc etc etc…
You’d be mad not to pay your respects and imbibe yourself…


Following their brilliant Brisbane farewell show at The Hi-Fi we had a sit down with Bodyjar frontman Cam Baines after listening to the killer tracks featured on The Hi-Fi Official Bootleg Series – Bodyjar in our studio.

The Hi-Fi Live: Bodyjar are seen as one of godfathers/pioneers of the oz punk scene and are often referenced as a huge influence on younger Australian acts – Who are Bodyjar’s godfathers/influences?

Cam: As far as Australian bands go Nursery Crimes and The Meanies while we were growing up and also American stuff like The Descendents -who were the biggest influence, ALL, Big Drill Car, black Flag, TSOL, anything from Misfits to Metallica, Beatles etc.. Slayer - Grant was influenced by a lot of metal that was going on.

The Hi-Fi Live: Bodyjar have been very supportive of younger Australian Bands coming through the live circuit - offering a leg up through support slots on tours etc.. What’s your favourite support slot/tour Bodyjar have been on?

Cam: We did a tour of the U.S with Blink 182 playing to stadiums full of people which was great. We had just got off the warped tour which was cool but a hard slog as you’re sleeping on a small bus with 20 other people but on the blink tour we had our own bus, catering, full p.a …that was the most exciting one as we had never played those big American venues before.

The Hi-Fi Live: Congratulations on The Hi-Fi Official Bootleg Series – Bodyjar as it’s a great live album. What’s your favourite live album?

Cam: I love live albums…probably ALL’s ‘Trailblazer’ album. I thought that was a ‘real’ album -love that album. The Descendents ‘Liveage!’ and ‘Hallraker’ – awesome live albums. Danzig live album, Thin Lizzy, Ozzy Osborne tribute one with Randy Rhodes on guitar – there’s a few corkers.

The Hi-Fi Live Five:

1. What is your essential tour item?
Cam: I reckon my iphone – I’ve got episodes of the office on it I watch on the plane or.. my thongs.
2. What’s your essential album to take on the road?
(see above)
3. What is next for the band?
Cam: Finish this last tour – it’s been a really good vibe, as it’s the last one there’s been a bit of emotion - it’s been cool then for me … Shane and myself have recorded a Cola Wars album which is coming out next year.
4. What are your favourite acts to see live?
Cam: I’ve seen Alkaline Trio and Lagwagon lately and they were both really good. There’s a band from Sydney called Grand Fatal and another band Lungs – both great bands.
5. If Bodyjar were a member of the Muppets what member would they be?
Cam: hmmm… probably that weird Swedish chef with the human hands…weird.
The Hi-Fi Live : Thanks Cam and a huge thanks to the mighty ‘jar for years of killer tunes and killer live shows.

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