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"Adelaide's Leader Cheetah hit the ground running with their debut album, The Sunspot Letters. An enchanting mix of surf guitars and epic song craft; it's one of the most impressive and promising debuts we’ve heard in a while. Leader Cheetah churn out classic pop jams with twanging bass and awesome guitar licks." - Feature Album, Triple J ...read more

The Hi-Fi Live

Leader Cheetah November 11th, 2009

Leader Cheetah
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The Hi-Fi Live caught up with Leader Cheetah before their great set opening for Blitzen Trapper to ask Dan Crannitch & Mark Harding what’s happening in the critically acclaimed and indie punter revered world of the South Australian favourites.

The Hi-Fi Live: Congratulations on your excellent debut album ‘Sunspot Letters’.The album was produced by Kramer(Low , Daniel Johnston) – What did he add to the leader cheetah mixture?

Mark: Quite a lot really…
Dan: He added a lot of that lush, reverb’y , layered kind of sound.
Mark: Which was a bit of fresh perspective on what we thought we were going to do before we went in the studio.
Dan: While we were in the studio he (Kramer) kept it all rough & ready, raw – ‘one take’ approach.
Mark: There were a few tracks we actually did in one take
Dan: So we recorded it nearly all live including the vocals from a one take ‘purist’ kind of view then we layered it up so it we think it has a nice mix of raw and lush sounds – there is still some little imperfections on the album which still keeps that raw emotion sense.

The Hi-Fi Live: I hear a lot of The Triffids, Go Betweens Australiana sonic landscape feel in your music – What’s your most impressive Australian landscape you’ve driven through/visited on tour?

Dan: The Blue Mountains are pretty special.
Mark: Blue Mountains…also up around the northern New South Wales hinterland....yeah...The Blue Mountains are beautiful.

The Hi-Fi Live: Leader Cheetah have a pair of brothers in the band. Are the Crannitch Brothers Gallagher OASIS style Brothers or BEE GEES Brothers Gibb style?

Mark: I better get you to take this one…
Dan: Brothers Gibb…definitely.
The Hi-Fi Live: Your lead guitarist’s name is Dan Pash. Does he ever use his name to try and pick up? e.g – Girl asks ‘What’s your name?’ Dan: ‘Dan Pash’ Girl: ‘Dan Pash?!?’ Dan: ‘ Sure.. why not..’ and then he tries for a pash etc…

Dan: I think it worked pretty well for him in high school...I hope so.

The Hi-Fi Live Five:

1. What is your essential tour item?

Dan: Our tuners?

2. What’s your essential album to take on/listen to the road?

Mark: We’ve actually had a bit of local Classic radio on in the background on this tour.

3. What is next for the band?

Dan: We’re touring around the country with Cloud Control before demoing new tracks and looking forward to recording the next record early next year.

4. What are your favourite acts to see live?

Mark: Nick Cave…The Middle East
Dan: Blitzen Trapper…Cloud Control.

5. If Leader Cheetah were a member of the Muppets what member would they be?

Dan: hmmm… our drummer Joel probably would be Animal but I’m going go with..the cookie monster..will that pass..

The Hi-Fi Live: even though he is a Sesame Street character Jim Henson did occasionally give a guest role on the Muppets so that will pass.

The Hi-Fi Live : Thanks Leader Cheetah, Thanks Kramer,Thanks beautiful N.S.W hinterland.

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