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Blitzen Trapper is a group of native Northwesterners, most of whom grew up in Salem, Oregon. They have lived and played together in Portland since 2000. Critics and fans have compared their music to just about everything; there have been calls to coin a new genre. Blitzen Trapper’s Pavement-meets-Southern rock sound, grabs influences from The ...read more

The Hi-Fi Live

Blitzen Trapper November 11th, 2009

Blitzen Trapper
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The Hi-Fi Live team caught up with the lovely Eric Earley from acclaimed Portland outfit Blitzen Trapper just before they hit The Hi-Fi Melbourne stage for a killer show (featured above..)

The Hi-Fi Live: Thanks for joining us Eric Earley…has your name ever got you out of trouble i.e you can never be late as you’re always ‘early’?

Eric: Oldest trick in the book but works every time.

The Hi-Fi Live: I can hear elements of the great American storytellers such as Dylan, Young, Springsteen, your sub pop label mate Sam beams from Iron & Wine etc… where do you get your inspiration from for great songs such as ‘Furr’?

Eric: Everywhere, all over…literature, ideas pulled from dreams, failed love…all over.

The Hi-Fi Live: Portland has a rich cultural vein of artists such as the Dandy Warhols, Elliot Smith, The Decemberists, Modest Mouse, The Shins, Chuck Pahlanick, Gus Van Sant, Matt Groening etc… .What are (apart from the Clyde ”The Glide” Drexler era of the trailblazers) the best things about Portland?

Eric: That was my my era man…Clyde Drexler, Cliff Robinson…

The Hi-Fi Live: Then you picked up Rasheed Wallace and J.R Rider and it all went a bit wrong…

Eric: apart from that era…Portland is a great city to be an artist in as it’s pretty laid back. It’s got the coast, it’s got the desert and it’s got the mountains, there are also not a lot of people there…

The Hi-Fi Live: One of the great songs on Blitzen Trapper’s excellent ‘Furr’ album is “Sleepytime in the Western World”. What songs do you listen to for unwinding purposes before ‘sleepytime for Eric’?

Eric: Ha!...’sleepytime for Eric’… at the moment I’ve been listening to folk guy Roy Harper -his Stormcock album is amazing. Great album.

The Hi-Fi Live Five:

1. What is your essential tour item?
Eric: there’s several…i think the headlight/headlamp. You never know when you’re gonna do some spelunking or some deep sea diving. There could be a blackout across the city…you never know…

2. What’s your essential album to take on the road?
Eric: Either Merle Haggard’s ‘Sing Me Back Home’ or Black Sabbath’s ‘Master of Reality’. Either one.

3. What is next for the band?
Eric: A big vacation, then record another Blitzen Trapper album next year..but first I might go to Baha, Mexico.
(Baha Peninsula highly recommended to Eric by The Hi-Fi Live)

4. What are your favourite acts to see live?
Eric: Deerhoof….yeah, definitely Deerhoof

5. If Blitzen Trapper were a member of the Muppets what member would they be?
Eric: Geez…that’s a tough one..hard hitting question…aaahhh – Rolf the dog.

The Hi-Fi Live: Thanks Eric, Blitzen Trapper, Clyde the Glyde and Rolf the dog.

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